Saturday, August 15, 2009

Krazy Kurt's HGH Ragin'

The Trials and Tribulations of Kurt Angle.

  1. Leaving WWE due to a pill addiction.
  2. Going to Total Nonstop Action, wrestling's toilet
  3. Cheating on your wife cause you want dark black pussy
  4. Losing custody of your kids
  5. Finding out your wife is fucking your boss

What's Next for Kurt?

Kurt Angle has been arrested by the Robinson Township Police Department and is currently in the Allegheny County Jail.

There was some kind physical altercation at Kurt’s house involving him and current girlfriend Trenesha Biggers, known to most as TNA’s Rhaka Khan. Shortly afterwards, she went to the police and filed an order of protection from abuse against Kurt. The cops came shortly after and removed Angle from the home this morning. Then, Sometime after 8 in the morning, Trenesha called the police again stating this time that Kurt followed her to a local Starbucks and that she felt like she was being stalked. She told authorities that Kurt, seemingly out of control, had been circling the Starbucks parking lot, deleting “abusive” photographs from Trenesha’s cell phone which he swiped. I've heard Kurt likes anal, so this COULD be what she's talking about. Maybe he abused her asshole.

The authorities arrived on the scene and Kurt was immediately questioned. The cops were suspicious that Kurt may have been driving under the influence, so they searched his vehicle and found two capped syringes and two vials of Human Growth Hormone. Angle claimed he had a prescription for the HGH and could supply it to the authorities.

Just like what Rick Ross said: "What's wrong with a little HGH?"

Angle was arrested and charges with Driving with a Suspended License (which stemmed from the DUI incident last year when Kurt refused to take a breathalyzer, which is an automatic suspension in the state of Pennsylvania), Posession (HGH), Harassment, and Breaking an Order of Protection.

Angle is a world class caliber athlete of the finest pedigree and it's sad that situations like these occur in his life far more frequently than they should. Angle has been involved in numerous scandals since the tail end of his WWE career, which really makes me wonder about TNA's alleged "we're going to take care of you" statements that Kurt claimed back in 2006. It could just all be bad luck. His HGH ragin' is out of control!

Exclusive - KURT'S REACTION: